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Yukiru Sigisaki
Home | D.N. Angel | Candidate For Goddess Looking for a new story? All but Consiquenses and Sourcerous are stories that may be interesting. The other 2 are fans sites!!

I have only seen D.N.Angel and Pilot Candidate, but there will also be a Lagoon Engine page aswell!! ^^

All of the pictures on my site, just click on them, to make them larger, to there actual size! ^^


Incase you don't know, Yukiru Sugisaki is infact female, unlike that is shown in the picture above.



This is Tidbit, my friend Kai's bunny, (and yes her real name is Kai). She (refering to Tidbit) is a big bunny, because I got to bunnysit her once, and I kept feeding her too much. -.-

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