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Yukiru Sigisaki
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Candidate For Goddess

I have seen every single episode, including the special episode of this anime, and let me tell you, it is pretty damn good!!!

Cadidate for Goddess had 3 names, Candidate for Goddess, Pilot Candidate, and Megami Kouhosei. Its about a boy named Zero, who when he was younger was saved by the Goddess Errn Laties. Ever since then he wanted to pilot that Goddess. He went to the academy, and meets Clay, Hiead, Kizuna, Erts,(ect...) and all the pilots of the Goddesses; Gareas Ellid, Rioroute Vilgyna, Ernest Cuore, Yuu Hikura, and Teela. Romance... uhh.. for all the trainees (Zero, Clay, Roose, Yamagi) they all like their repairs (Kizuna, Saki, Wrecka, Tsukasa). Not Erts or Hiead. Hiead is alone, and Zero and Erts like eachother. What I found interesting, is that Zero is like Gareas, and Erts is like his brother Ernest. Gareas and Ernest also like eachother, and Gareas likes his repair aswell.


Teela Zain Elmes, the pilot of Errn Laties. She is the head pilot of all the Goddess pilots, and has like, no emotion. Teela needs no repairer because she is the goddess spirit what controls the goddess. And then there is Heritage, who looks a lot like Teela. I don't know, I thought it was a little confusing, but very cool.

Gareas Elidd, pilot of Eeva Leena. He likes 2 people, his repair, Leena, and his best friend, Ernest. He argues with Rio a lot, and his nick name is Garu (or in english Galue). He goes hard in battle, and has suffered for his rushing-into-battle-sness.

Ernest Cuore, pilot of Luhma Klein. His pilot is Tune, who loves him sooooooooooo (ect.) much, but is too scared to say so. But he doesn't like her much, he likes Gareas. Ernest and his little brother Erts, both have a telepathic ability, and whenever someone touches their hands, they can see into the other person's mind.

Rioroute Vilgyna, pilot of Aqui Keameia. His pilot is Phil. They both like eachother, but I don't think anyone in the anime ever admits that they do... anyway, Rio loves to eat, but is one of the only ones, who never actually does get to eat! Oh yea, Rio also likes Yu's sister Kazuhi.

Ahh yes... Yu Hikura (I know I spelt his name different in the summary thing) pilot of Tellia Kallisto. Yu is the silent emotionless soldier. Its kinda creepy in a way. His repair is his sister Kazuhi, and I don't think that he likes her, but hey, what do I know.

Zero Enna or Rei (it's his real name) and Kizuna Towryk. Zero is the main character of the anime, and is kinda rude. He looks a lot like Daisuke too! Kizuna is Zero's repair, and she has the coolest ears EVER! In the beginning she hides her cat ears, untill Zero takes off her hat. But thats more of a summary. Kizuna wanted to be a pilot for a very long time, but didnt have the right quallifications, in short she wasn't male and didn't have an EX.

Hiead Gner, and repair is Ikhny, who I feel SOOOOOO sorry for! Hiead isn't exactly what you can call... a good friend. Infact, he has no friends. Ikhny likes Hiead, but Hiead, (as shown in picture) tries to scare the shit out of her, to get her away. Zero tried to be 'buddies' with him... but with no prevail, they become enemies.

Clay, and Saki. Clay is like a nerd!! It's so cool! yea I think that Clay and Saki like eachother. I don't have many comments or information about Clay or Saki, so... sorry.

Roose and repair Wrecka. Roose used to be bigger (as seen in the picture), but then Wrecka got him on a "diet". But actually, his EX power is to change form, so thats what he did.

Yamagi, and repair Tsukasa. I don't know all taht much about either of them, and i appologise!! IM SORRY!!! >.<

Erts Virny Cocteau, and repair Rome. Erts doesn't like Rome, he likes Zero. But Rome is very protective of Erts. But saddly when Erts has to become a pilot, she doens't get to be his repair anymore, he picks his brothers old repair Tune to be his repair for the Goddess Luhma Klein.


Rio getting a bowl hucked at him by Yu. (above)













Zero (Rei) falling into Eeva Leena (above)

Nothing to put here!!! LA LA LA!!!

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