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Yukiru Sigisaki
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D.N. Angel

D.N. Angel is the favorite of mine out of all of Sugisaki's work.

D.N. Angel is about the life of Daisuke Niwa, a 14 year old boy, who seems normal enough to any person around, but on his 14th birthday, his D.N.A began to change whenever he saw his sacred madden (the girl he likes) Risa. He then transformed into the Phantom Theif Dark Mousey. Daisuke got up enough courage to ask out Risa, but Risa turned him down, and fell in love with Dark instead. Dark on the other hand, liked Risa's twin sister, Riku. (In the manga... in the anime Dark is a player!!) But Riku likes Daisuke. Then there is Satoshi, he likes Daisuke, but wants to capture Dark. Satoshi also has an "alter ego" called Krad, (and yes, if you reverse Dark, it makes Krad). Krad knew Dark when he was in the mind or soul (take your pick) of the previous Niwa men when they were Dark. They are rivals, big time. So thats the basic plot of D.N. Angel. Untill the second hand of time part kicks in.


Daisuke Niwa: Daisuke is a kind, generous, cute, caring boy, that anyone can make a friend out of. Sad thing is, that all the girl of his dreams thinks of him as is "just a friend... oh no" (D.N.Angel audio commentaries). He trained all his life in preperation to become Dark. He doesn't like to steal things, especially when it's Satoshi's family he is stealing from.

Dark Mousey: I don't know how old he is, but I do know that he is the transformation of all the Niwa men on their 14th birthday. Dark is... a womans man, everyone loves him (with the acception on Riku) and he like makes out with all the girls in D.N. Angel. He is mysterious, and likes to tease Daisuke.

Riku and Risa Harada: Look a lot a like (because they are twins) but they don't have much in common. Riku is the older one, and she likes Daisuke. While Risa on the other hand liked Dark, and is slightly obsessed with him. Riku is more athletic, and a tom-boy-ish figure, while Risa is more girly, and likes dresses. They are both 14 and attend the same school as Daisuke.

Satoshi Hiwatari: He has a low blood pressure so when he wakes up, he has to sit in a daze for about half an hour, before he really wakes up. At the age of 7 he paseed high school, and passed college. He goes to middle school to try to be more like a normal 14 year old. He likes Daisuke, but wants to capture Dark. He is kinda strange since he wears glasses but doesn't need to, he is the commander/soushirei of the investigation behind Dark, AND his real last name actually sin't Hiwatari it's really Hikari Satoshi, but since he is the last of his family/clan, he was adopted by a 26 year old man whos last name is Hiwatari. And he lives alone in his apartment.

Freedert: Freedert, Eliot, and Kyle were best friends. Eliot and Freedert liked eachother, and soon confessed their love for one another. Kyle, who also liked Freedert, go jellous (that what you get for having 2 guys for friends). There was a war between two places... like a lot of wars are, and Eliot, being the son of the feudal lord had to go fight in it. Kyle, being very bitter after the girl he loved got his best friend, prayed for Eliots death. Eliot died in battle, and Freedert begged to the Second Hand of Time to being him back, but had to give up her life for his. She did this and died. Eliot came back... but Freedert wasn't there to greet him. He was told she had died, so Eliot did the only thing that makes sence (...right...) he went to the Second Hand of Time and asked for her soul back. In return, his soul would be lost. Freedert came back... sort of. She and the Second Hand of Time became one, and frose time to wait for Eliot's return. Eliot's soul though, was trapped within a sword that Freedert had given him before the war called the "Toki no Kusabi" or the "Wedge of Time". Kyle (before time froze), knowing his two best friends were now dead, and he was the one to blame, wrote a whole book on the story called "Ice and Dark" what was later renamed "Ice and Snow" for the eyes of younger children, and was edited. Anyway, after writing this, he commit suicide.


Dark on a date with Risa (above)


Dark, Daisuke and Satoshi (above)







Daisuke and Dark (above)


Riku and Daisuke (above)

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